Shotokan Karate Groups and Clubs in the UK

There are hundreds of karate clubs in the UK, each offering a training space or a dojo in which karate enthusiasts can practice their martial art. In fact, you will find that there are many martial arts that are catered for here in the UK, from judo to Muay Thai through to Jujitsu and MMA. There are obviously some that are more popular than others, with disciplines like boxing and kickboxing being integrated into workouts known as ‘boxercise' just as the discipline of dancing was recruited to create the fitness craze of Zumba. This site is dedicated to the much less common branch of karate known as Shotokan, however; it is a branch that is much rarer than most types of martial art (in the UK at least), and therefore isn't really that well known by many martial artists here. No matter how unaware of Shotokan karate people may be, there are still many in the UK that wish to practise it as a discipline due to its rigorousness and requirement of fitness. It is for this reason that there is compiled below a list of clubs and organisations that fans of Shotokan karate may wish to be aware of.

Karate Union of Great Britain

Karate Union of Great Britain logo

As a body that is comprised of over 300 different clubs around the United Kingdom, the Karate Union of Great Britain is Britain's largest Shotokan karate association. Formed in 1966, it has been promoting Shotokan karate and its practise ever since, being responsible for the acceptance of karate as a GCSE and A-level subject. You will find numerous training courses on the website - some of which are held free of charge - as well as a multitude of events that fans of Shotokan karate and martial arts in general would thoroughly enjoy.

Visit the KUGB website for more information on events, the scope, and the philosophy of the organisation.

Shotokan Karate Association

Shotokan Karate Association logo

This association has over 700 students who utilise its gyms in the South Midlands area, ranging from beginners to black belts and beyond. This association has clubs in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, and Bedfordshire, all of which welcome anyone from the age of six and above to learn the basics and develop their understanding of Shotokan karate. The website has some useful information about the basics and the techiques involved in karate as well as what will be expected of you.

Visit the Shotokan Karate Association website for further information.

Shotokan Karate England

Shotokan Karate England logo

Established in 1985, Shotokan Karate England welcomes and trains Shotokan karate students of all abilities. They regularly hold beginners classes for those wishing to embark on a rewarding relationship with karate, and they also train more advanced students and allow them to develop their knowledge and abilities. The various clubs of Shotokan Karate England offer classes in multiple locations every day of the week. Check out the locations section of the website to see if there is a club near you!

More valuable information can be found on the Shotokan Karate England website.

Southern Shotokan Karate Association

Southern Shotokan Karate Association logo

Their minimalistic website is a welcome change from the usual website design of many karate sites, but the Shouthern Shotokan Karate Association's main draw is its impressive number of dojos around the south of England and beyond. The willingness of the instructors to teach traditional Shotokan karate to anyone that is dedicated enough to learn is admirable, and the instructors are fully qualified.

Visit the Southern Shotokan Karate Association webpage.

British Shotokan Kyogi

British Shotokan Kyogi logo

Though its website could do with a little bit of a design makeover, British Shotokan Kyogi as an highly traditional Shotokan Karate association which encourages the preservation of tradition and the teaching of Shotokan karate to an extremely high standard.

Check out the news section on the BSK website for current events as well as information about the instructors and more useful information.

English Shotokan Karate Association

English Shotokan Karate Association logo

This association has many clubs in the south west of England including London and the surrounding area. You'll find these clubs in the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, and Cambridgeshire regions.

The ESKA website is a trove of information regarding classes and events as well as a resource for technical information about Shotokan karate and other martial arts-related knowledge.

Welsh Shotokan Karate Association

Welsh Shotokan Karate Association logo

The WSKA hold classes in a large number of schools in Wales as well as in the USA and as far as India. They promote a fun and friendly atmosphere as well as one of dedication and the pursuit of knowledge/improvement in the sphere of Shotokan Karate.

You'll find all the required information on the WSKA website.

Karate in Games

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